What is the Breath Alcohol Tester with Fuel Cell sensor

Fuel cell breathalyzer is the 'gold standard' of hand-held alcohol tester for both personal and professional use. They are the choice of professional users such as Law Enforcement and serious personal users such as concerned parents and individuals who require measurement they can trust.
In fuel cell instruments, the breath is directed into a fuel cell with dual platinum electrodes where alcohol is oxidized and generates electrical current. The higher the alcohol content of the breath, the greater the output current of the fuel cell. This current is a direct indication of the amount of alcohol consumed by the fuel cell. By precisely measuring the current produced in the fuel cell, an accurate measure of Breath alcohol content (BAC) is recorded.
CA20F uses the Platinum Fuel Cell Technology that has the following performance characteristics not found in semiconductor devices.

* High accuracy.
CA20F is consistently accurate across a wide alcohol concentration range from 0.000 to 0.400 BAC. Unlike semiconductor devices, the CA20F can report 4-digit BAC measurement accuracy because of the precision of its Platinum Fuel Cell Technology. No personal breath tester is more accurate than the CA20F.

* Alcohol specific.
Semiconductor devices can give positive alcohol readings even when no alcohol is present. They will react to perfume, hairspray, gasoline, cigarette smoke, and breath substances such as acetone and ketones. CA20F measurements are always and only.

* Calibration stability.
Unlike semiconductors which require frequent re-calibration, CA20F recommends recalibration only once every six months under normal use.

* Long working life.
Unlike Semiconductor devices that have a short life span, CA20F Fuel Cell instruments have an expected working life of 3~5 years. CA20F fuel cell tester will be in the field and in continuous use by medical clinics and personal or other industrial  measurement requirements.

* Reliable.
The combination of long working life, calibration stability, alcohol specificity, and high precision all add up to a device that when properly maintained can be trusted to perform.

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a) Advanced SMART fuel cell sensor breathalyzer.
* Adopted own-developed smart fuel cell sensor.
* The most smart & intelligent fuel cell sensor that allows a precise & stable testing date.
b) Fast warm-up / response / recovery time & accurate result.
* Fast warm-up for quick start & consecutive test.
* Quick response time in 3 ~ 35 seconds.
* Professional grade accuracy for successive testing and even after long time of use.
* Dual light LCD display with 4 digits (0.xxx% BAC/BrAC) together with different sound in each stage.
* Wide detection range up to 0.400% BAC or 2.000 BrAC.
c) Intelligent functions & reliable performance.
* Flow check technology.
* Calibration check technology.
* Working temperature check function.
* Low battery warning.
* Test time indication.
* Automatic power-off.
d) Easy Calibration & Low cost maintenance.
* One point (0.100% BAC/0.500 BrAC) automatic recalibration.
* Longer sensor life time & long-term stability.
* Economic sensor cost for A/S.
e) Others.
* 9V battery power for stable & long time using.
* Hygienic individual Mouthpiece packing.
* Professional look design & light weight hand-held device.





1. Insert a mouthpiece into the mouthpiece inlet.
2. Push the ON/OFF power switch that is located in the right side under the display window.
- The unit will show "Full display" firstly and "on" alone with a welcome sound. and then it starts countdown which will be taken about 15~35 seconds. This warm-up process prepare the sensor and circuit for testing.
3. When you hear a beep sound & "bLo" display is on, please blow steadily into the mouthpiece until you would hear the "Beep" sound again. Stp blowing.
- In the stage, if you don't blow within 20 seconds, it automatically turns off. Try to power on again.
4. After the circling line is on the display for 3~20 seconds, the test result (BAC or BrAC) will be displayed by 4 digits for 30 seconds along with beep sound.
- If the test result is over 0.05%/0.25mg/l (default setting) respectively, the LCD color will be changed to orange and "WARN" signal will be displayed along with "Alarm" sound.
- The result will be displayed for 30 seconds (light on for the first 15 seconds and light off for another 15 seconds). If you push the power switch during the last 15 seconds, the unit goes back to countdown stage for another test.
5. Finally, the unit will show "OFF" and turn off automatically along with a sound.
6. For the successive testing, trying again from No.2 to No.4.
7. Space tests at least 2 minutes apart.






Smart Fuel Cell Sensor


≤±0.005% BAC at 0.050% BAC

Detection range

0.000 ~ 0.400% BAC / 0.000 ~ 2.000mg/l BrAC

Response time

3 ~ 35 seconds

Warm up time

15 ~ 35 seconds


125 x 56 x 24mm


218g (131g battery included)

Power supply

9V alkaline battery

Working temp.

+5'C ~ +40'C

Storage temp.

0'C ~ +50'C


Every 6 months or after 500 tests


Tester, 9V alkaline, 3 pcs of mouthpieces, User’s manual, Hard case


1 year limited warranty

*Specifications are subject to be changed without prior notice for functional improvements



- Alcohol Tester
- 9V Battery
- 3 pcs of  Mouthpieces
- Hard case
- Color unit package
- User's Manual


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