HDTC & HDHI provides the most joyful life and the most convenient life to customers in the world.

HDTC & HDHI is committed to offer the honorable & full service to the community providing the innovative & professional products and service with the best efforts and excellent outcome so that everyone enjoys the most joyful life and make the most convenient life.
HDTC & HDHI hopes to be memorized as the professional and top brand of the various products field which change the world to the most joyful circumstances, and to be admired at our values, deeds and the every process in our lives as an exemplary ideal of society.

Each one of us is a precious individual, who deserves to be respected and encouraged. The company and all members protect and develop each other as a social family pursuing each other's growth and happiness.

HDTC & HDHI's mission is to be convenient over the customers. HDTC & HDHI make the customers' life joyfully and take care of customers' time. Customers are purchasing Joy, Happiness, Safety & Convenience from us, not just our products and service. HDTC & HDHI is never allowed to fail this precious mission. HDTC & HDHI's failures lead straightly to our customers' disasters. Therefore, HDTC & HDHI's all products, researches and services must be proceeded according to the belief that they will make my life safe and convenient. Never negotiate with such unfounded optimism and low probability .

HDTC & HDHI's mission is to reveal a great individual respected to the world through HDTC & HDHI. HDTC doesn't think that only a person with great works or a genius deserves to be respected. Each and every human being is a great creature to be respected. HDTC & HDHI believes that people reveal themselves during the process of achieving the goal. A hero of HDTC & HDHI is the one trusting his or her value, improving and changing oneself ceaselessly. HDTC & HDHI should be a stage for these people to reveal their great true colors while working with enthusiasm. HDTC & HDHI is a habitation and joyful playground for a group of professionals who are willing to serve the customers and colleague, who get the assured applauses from customers by such honorable services, and who overcome one's limitation and proceed forward.


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